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Organize your wardrobe with these step by step methods.

If you want to organize your wardrobe in an easy way, then you can take help of these easy tips.


Organizing the wardrobes is certainly a very boring task. So often we ignore this work and think that when there is time, then it will work. In such a situation, clothes are lying in the cupboard and many clothes fall out of the circle to remove a cloth. But these days when everyone is at home and there is no shortage of time, why not organize your wardrobe. Recently, when Deepika Padukone also started work in her house in the quarantine period by organizing her wardrobe and she shared the picture on her social media account. Deepika wrote in the caption with the picture that due to Kovid 19, she is spending her time in the productive work of cleaning the wardrobes.

However, organizing the wardrobe is not a difficult task. We all are troubled by where to start wardrobe cleaning. If there is a lot of clothes in your wardrobe and you want to clean your wardrobe very easily, then take the help of these tips-

Do empty

To organize the wardrobe, first empty it. Remember that you have to completely empty the cupboard first. If you remove something and leave something, then it will make you difficult to organize it. However, if you have different cabinets in your cupboard and you find it difficult to empty it simultaneously, then you can empty it by doing one cabinet each.

Apply as needed

While organizing the wardrobe, you should install it according to your needs. For example, the clothes and accessories you need every day, keep them ahead. At the same time, you should keep the clothes worn in a party or in a transparent bag or organizing bag. Nowadays there are many types of organizing bags in the market, in which every kind of goods can be properly organized.

Share section

If you want your wardrobe not to get dirty quickly and it is also easy for you to remove items from it, then it may be a good idea to divide the section in the wardrobe. For example, you keep the clothes of the house on one side and the office wear on the other side. Similarly, for handkerchiefs, nudes or undergarments, you should make a small separate section and in this section you place them properly in a box.

Other small tips

There are many other small tips that you can adopt to better organize your wardrobe. like-

Keep the denim jeans folded, while it is good to keep the T-shirt, pajamas and workout clothes rolling.

Always keep most used clothes on the eyelevel.

If you are hanging your clothes in a hanger, use a color code. Like keep the clothes of the same color on one side and then the clothes of the other color shade. That way it doesn’t take much time to find any clothes.

Use a drawer divider instead of keeping it in small clothes like handkerchiefs, nudes or undergarments. This makes shorter clothes look more manageable.

Instead of keeping scarf etc. in the cupboard, try to hang it. Similarly, jewelry is also better to hang with the help of hangers.

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