A wall of wood is combined with shiny stained glass and a frosted glass gate stands as a beautiful partition in the living room. The weakness of wood and the toughness of glass, the sobriety of wood color in combination with the brightness of luminous glass are bringing on the drama into the area.

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Home made door design

There is a front door that takes you to a house. The front door says a lot about the homeowner. It contributes to curb a house and is part of the first feeling.

Front door design

Sometimes it can be the structure of the house. But details such as color (see blue front doors here), textures, plants and leaves, door handles and knockers, style, finish, and shape are all part of the consequence.

The fact is that most peoples do not think about the front door unless faced with choosing a new one for your residence, whether it is renovation or construction from scrape. Then you had to face every kind of door decision.

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